New offering: Arcana Heart series


We made license agreement with “EXAMU”.
Customer can use smash hit arcade game “ARCANA HEART” all series official visual for your original design.


[Offering for design]
1. All Arcana Heart series heroines.
2. All types of high resolution heroines. 
3. All game motions(inversion OK!) of heroines.
4. Game background, all game development materials including gauges.


【Item for wrapping service】
1. Vehicles (cars, bikes, bicycles)
2. Tablet, notebook PC, game machine, peripheral equipments.
3. All items you can bring in.(including furniture)


As a new challenge with Examu, we are offering “All arcade game material” for design.
You can create original designs using dot heroines in games, backgrounds and gauges.


In addition, we also implemented offering for overseas.
Domestic and overseas merchandisers and amusement center(game center) are welcome for official mass production item consultation.
We will help you with any possibilities including car stickers, 
smart phone stickers and game machine stickers.


Please feel free to quote us.
We will work with EXAMU to help your business and sucess.


Please experience the world of new creation through Arkana Heart.


We are preparing visual catalog and order website.
Please stay tuned for our updates!
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